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The forum for the RuneScape Private Server RuneWings.
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PostSubject: Disclaimer   Tue Aug 24, 2010 2:04 pm

1. You are not an employee of Jagex LTD, or runescape, and are not a family member or acquaintance of the aforementioned.
2. You are not an employee of any law firm contracted with Jagex LTD, and are not a family member or acquaintance of said firm.
3. You do not currently play runescape, or any other Jagex game, and are therefore not subject to their TOS or any other agreement with them.
4. All of the information on this site is solely for learning purposes. All programs provided for download from this site are entirely coded by the members of this community and are not the intellectual property of any business or organization.

1. We are not a company.
2. All content is owned by Jagex Ltd & Forumotion
3. We are not responsable for items lost in-game.
4. We also dont take responsibility for items lost in a stake or something like that.
5. A RuneScape Private Server is not perfect.
6. A major crash/hack/dupe can happen at any time any moment.

1. You donate because you want to do it.
2. We are not responsable for donated items lost in-game.
3. We dont refund money back.
4. We will not transfer Donator Status over to a different account.

Emailing the pay pal can get you BANNED! If you want to email your picture email this email:
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